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A Classic World of Darkness Tale

This story was written by thephoenix5 in response to the question " [WtA] Has anyone ran or been in a game where the Garou invented/discovered a means to increase their numbers?" It was such an awesome tale we had to put it up here!

Part 1

They were so proud. Oh, the hubris their forefathers had. They turned to the Weaver for help with what Gaia had given them. They disturbed the natural order. They were supposed to be the caretakers of that order, but they thought they knew better.

"We're preserving the race!" they said. "This is necessary", they said. A cry echoed by every tyrant throughout history. Oh, it started out innocently enough. Tagging which children had the potential, which children's blood was 'pure' enough to join our ranks. That way they could be educated, taught from birth to take on the role to which they were fated.

No one thought about what this meant for the other children. Sure, they were kinfolk, and for a while they were protected as always. But with time, that started to wear away. They were the less desirable product, the 'slightly irregular' sweater of the family.

"We need to strengthen the bloodlines!" they said. "This is necessary", they said, as the doctors took to prescribing which kinfolk would procreate with which Garou. Sure, this meant more Garou being born than before, but the kinfolk were rarely asked for their consent. It was their duty to the tribe, after all... soon those kin which would 'breed true' more often than others were prized for their perceived value. Those that failed to give birth to the desired children all too often left by the wayside.

Some details were known to the other tribes, and not all the tribes agreed. The Children of Gaia cried that this was a perversion, defiling the natural order. The White Fangs scoffed, and then grew angry, as these inhabitants of the scar started to claim their blood was 'more pure' than those descended from the first Alpha. But it was the Bone Gnawers who were the first to actively fight back. And who can blame them? But I'm getting ahead of myself...

"We need to diversify the gene pool!" they said. "We'll just breed out the traits we don't want!" they said. "This is necessary." they said, when they first started, in secret, abducting kinfolk of other tribes for use in their breeding program. Where the previous kinfolk may have come grudgingly, these new inductees were anything but cooperative. The first few were taken, a pilot program, but they couldn't see the 'bigger picture', and simply refused to 'get with the game plan'.

That's when one of the members of the "Breeding Committee" made the observation that they didn't really require the kinfolk's cooperation, just their 'contribution'. Memos went out, money allocated, and soon jail cells were built in the regional facilities, and breeding schedules drafted...

We might be able to forgive their forefathers their lack of foresight thus far, but this is when they should have all seen the taint of the Wyrm tingeing the actions of these elders, this "Breeding Committee". Alas, it was unseen, the program was too successful, they were seen as the redemption of the species... So the program carried on.

The cells needed to be filled with kinfolk, and their desirable traits isolated. So packs were dispatched to do just that. The low hanging fruit would make for a good first testing phase. It was easy enough to snatch the Bone Gnawer's kin, they thought, who would miss the drunk wino? The homeless vagabond? Well, the Bone Gnawers did, and as tends to happen with our kind, they did so violently.

Kinfolk were disappearing off the streets and many packs of Bone Gnawers tried to investigate, but answers were few. The 'Rat Bastards', a pack from New York got lucky... or unlucky, as the case may be. Theirs is a story for another night, but the important bit is that it was ~Leaps-Turnstiles~, the young ragabash of the pack, that got a copy of the memo from the 'Breeding Committee' authorizing the harvesting activities back to the Sept of the Green. He was also the only member of his pack to survive.

Even with this proof, no one wanted to believe it could be. The Glass Walkers were the closest thing the Bone Gnawers had to a brother, at least amongst the other tribes, but this could not stand. The Alpha back then, ~Shares The Last Slice~, a Philodox, immediately called a for a moot, wanting to get answers, but the Claw at the time, an Ahroun who had just gained the title, was outraged, and very nearly frenzied just from what he had read. You see, his wife was among the missing. He wouldn't wait. He wouldn't listen to reason. He left immediately to attack the nearest breeding facility, and his pack with him...

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