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Part 3  

I'd like to tell you about how the other tribes came together, rose up to crush those among the Glass Walkers that had been corrupted, and allow the tribe to heal their wounds.

I'd like nothing more than that, but the tribes were all too easily played against one another, falling to inter tribal squabbles, as those that were willing to bring the fight to the Glass Walkers soon found themselves outnumbered. The Glass Walkers, you see, had themselves found new allies.

"The other tribes, they can't see past their stubborn tradition. They're blocking the path of progress." The Glass Walkers were unable to see their own corruption, the festering blight that tainted the core of their tribe. Another tribe, though, saw that blight like a beacon drawing them to their new brethren. The Black Spiral Dancers soon came knocking at their door.

The first meetings were strenuous, secret, and filled with mistrust. There were voices among the Glass Walkers that demanded the immediate destruction of the Spirals' messengers. Alas, those voices were in the minority, at least among the elders. What harm could there be in just listening to their offer? There isn't anything wrong with exploring their options before making a decision, they reasoned.

The more they spoke, the more the Breeding Council members found that the Black Spiral Dancers 'got it', maybe they weren't as bad as they'd always believed, they seemed more than willing to breed as told, more than willing to press their kinfolk, and the kinfolk of others into whatever relations the council ordered... even if they did seem a little overly enthusiastic, a little too eager to go 'above the call of duty' in these cases.

The Glass Walker researchers, though, were what finally tipped the scales. Just to explore their options, just for the sake of research, they collected blood samples from the messengers. From the Black Spirals. You see, one of the Black Spiral Dancers of the messenger pack, a particularly foul Metis with four arms but no eyes, dripping with ichor from his pores, proved to be the bridge between these tribes. The researchers were convinced they could isolate the genes, breed in the desirable traits without the deformities... what Gaia had never allowed, a little gene therapy could provide. A few drops of blood in a test tube was all it took. A few drops of that accursed blood, a proof of concept, and the deal was struck.

Within weeks the Glass Walker's breeding facilities were teeming with Black Spirals, and the Spiral's Pits were regularly visited by Glass Walker researchers, off collecting their 'samples'. The other tribes took notice, and finally united to strike out against them, but by now it was too late, their combined numbers, their cooperation, the Black Spiral's vicious savagery tempered by the Glass Walker's cold and meticulous planning proved too much for the tribes to topple.

The few Glass Walkers outside the Breeding Centres were hunted down, many of them took refuge in Pits as the other tribes tried to seek revenge.

That was many years ago, your great grandfather's time. The Blood Breeders, as we know them, are no more the Glass Walkers than the Black Spiral Dancers are the White Howlers. The Litany they used to follow changed slowly, because it was always "Necessary" to make changes, for the 'greater good'...

The old man motions to his leather satchel, waiting patiently for the boy to fetch it before he looks through it. Crumpled up papers and various herbal remedies, as well as pipe cleaners and tobacco all pulled from the satchel, which seems to hold far more within it than its small size would betray. I'm sure I've got a copy of it here somewhere... The old man mumbles to himself, remarking that he really needs to keep this more organized. Finally, a single sheet of paper is drawn

out, and handed to the boy. Clean and crisp, a computer print out on "B. B. Inc." letterhead:

SUBJECT: Updated Litany Draft, Committee Proposal for limited release.

Version: Updated Verbage:

Garou Shall Not Mate Without Purpose. The Breeding Council will assign all pairings. Gestational cycles should not be wasted on unapproved offspring production, any such cases will be immediately referred to an Aborted Projects technician. Cases where the gestational parent cannot be salvaged for future use will be turned over to Black Spiral Dancer custody as per the New Litany Accord page 16, paragraph 3.

Convert the Savages Wherever they Dwell. The old tribes do not accept progress. They are unwilling to accept the sacrifices that must be made. It is our duty to bring them into the fold. Acquisition of a varied gene pool for sequencing and utilization is a top priority as is reflected in the Tribal Mission Statement. Take care that genes not be lost where possible. Prisoners are more valuable alive than dead.

Respect the Jurisdiction of another. Each Breeding Centre is responsible for their assigned Jurisdictions. Any disputed areas will be referred to the Breeding Council for resolution by the involved Breeding Centre Overseers. (All tribal staff are responsible for signing off monthly that they have reviewed the updated jurisdiction maps on the Inter-Center network.)

Accept an Honorable Surrender. The removal of undesirable but cooperative genes requires approval at the Breeding Centre Overseer level or higher. Wherever possible steps should be taken to prevent the loss of possibly useful genes. As such, personal conflicts should not be allowed to escalate to a level where gene loss may occur.

Submission to Those of Superior Breeding. While all genes not specifically marked as undesirable are to be preserved, not all genes are created equal. Certain genotypes are more suited for specific tasks. It is improper for those of inferior breeding to question the directives of their superiors, as they may not be capable of comprehending the motivations behind them. Rest assured that your best interests are being cared for by the most qualified personnel. If you still feel that an error has been made, you may file a petition for review using the procedures outlines in your Tribal Behaviour Guidelines Handbook.

Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans. It has become increasingly evident that the consumption of modern human flesh is detrimental to your health, and should be avoided where possible.

The blood is inviolate, let no genes go unexplored. Prior to an official determination of gene desirability, all genes are to be considered desirable by default. No other concern should trump the exploration of new genes, regardless of their source. Remember the tribal ethics review board has no authority to limit the scope of nor prevent any explorations in this field. Approval has already been given for all unwilling subject acquisitions, balefire enhancement experiments, and fomori splicing trials without reservation.

Do Not Suffer Thy People to Carry Sick Genes. If you carry a gene determined to be undesirable, it is your duty to the tribe to report immediately for sterilization. Pack mates of anyone having trouble fulfilling their duties are encouraged to assist their brethren where needed.

The Leader May be Challenged in Time of Peace. Within the confines and safety of a Breeding Centre, during peace challenges may be issued in accordance with our tribal guidelines.

The Leader May not be Challenged in Time of War. Outside of the confines of a Breeding Centre, or when there is a crisis at hand, the Leader's word may not be challenged.

You Shall Take No Action that Causes a Breeding Centre to be Violated. Our breeding centres are the crux of our tribe, above all else their sanctity must be preserved. Where possible the establishment of new breeding centres should be prioritized, as long as such actions do not endanger existing breeding centres.

Please submit additions / comments / modifications on the draft proposal no later than August 17th.

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