You The Character


This page is just for fun! We want you guys to make your own character sheet based on YOU! Tell us what skills you have and show us how you have levelled up.


First download the Mini Six RPG here then make your character and either post it to our Facebook or Twitter page or email it to


Why Mini Six? Mini Six is an open license game therefore we wont get sued into oblivion for posting stats and hacks for it, its that simple! I would also like to add that this system is BRILLIANT and the creators are some of the coolest guys in the business.


Mini Six is a trademark of AntiPaladin Games.


Here are a few example characters. 2D would be considered average stats.



Baron Mugwort


Might 2D

Agility 2D

Wit 3D

Charm 3D



Lifting 3D (I lift weights 3x per week)

Athletics 3D (I run 3x pre week)

Archery 3D (I am a trained archer). 


Skill Specialities:

Computer - Repair, maintain and upgrade computers 6D

Science - Biology 6D

Diplomacy - Managing conflict 6D, in work it's not the machines that get angry its the people!



Favours (1) - People owe me favours for the loan of equipment or free repairs I may have made to their computers.



Gav the Butcher


Might 5D

Agility 2D

Wit 2D

Charm 3D



Lifting 6D (those cows don't lift themselves)

Knife 6D (being a butcher involves a lot of knife work)

Persuasion 4D

Stamina 5D+2


Skill Specialities:

Science - Anatomy 5D

Persuasion - buying and selling meat 7D



Recall (1) - He doesn't forget a face.... or who owes him money!

Heavy Build (1) - Maximum might 5D, Stamina +2



Sandy the Ballerina


Might 3D

Agility 4D

Wits 2D

Charm 3D



Athletics 5D

Seduction 4D

Stamina 4D


Skill Specialities:

Athletics - Dance 8D



Attractive (1) - a beautiful brunette in excellent physical condition 

Destiny (2) - Always knew that the ballet was for her



Unlucky in money - Sandy spends what she earns and then some! Her love affair with credit cards has long been a thorn in her side