The Vango Events Tent 

Vango Event TentPlans


With a Protex polyester 3000 embossed body, PowerPlus steel 19mm poles, THREE parallel zip doors and some nice PVC windows (with covers!). This bad boy was perfect. The only downside was that we had to carry this 19.5KG beast a mile and a half, uphill, in the lashing rain and along with all of our other gear!!!

The tent itself took the three of us about 15minutes to erect. I would say on a second attempt we will do it faster, easily under 10minutes.

How did it cope with the weather? Fantastic!

OK not quite, we had a slight leak from the seam at the very top of the tent where the lamp hanger is positioned. At first we fixed it with some gaffer tape but as the rain grew more severe tape wasn’t enough! So we simply tied a piece of string to the hanger and lowered it into a cup on our table, et voila the water ran down the string and into the cup thus protecting us and more importantly our books and food from any splashes.

Another point to bear in mind is that this tent is not for sleeping in! Sure you could get away with it on a hot day in your back garden but Swamp Mountain is NO back garden! The ground sheet isn’t stitched to the rest of the tent so whilst this made for a fantastic place for the three of us to relax and play some cards/RPG’s it did get a bit cold later on at night (we are talking mid-night in the highlands).


If you want a bloody massive 7ft place to chill out with your friends then this is perfect! The Three of us (all 6ft+) managed to get a table and three chairs in there. The added bonus was the fact it had three doors too, no messing about climbing over other people when you need to answer the call of nature! 

If you use it the way it was intended to be used then this tent comes highly recommended!