The Vango Omega 350 Tent


After a failed attempt at wild camping in a 2-man festival tent, it was time to upgrade to something a bit more waterproof and a bit more spacious! The Vango Omega 350 is just that, a 3-man tunnel tent that goes up in minutes and keeps you dry whatever the weather.


The first time you put it up you will have to attach the inner lining to the tent, once it is in place you leave it there, so I did this in the garden beforehand to save time on the campsite and give myself some practice putting it up. I realised very quickly this wasn’t necessary as this was the easiest tent to put up I have ever had.


Once it is up there is a spacious bedroom area which, with the inner layer in place, can be zipped off to help prevent creepy crawlies getting in. The large porch provides extra storage and an excellent place for changing in and out of your wellies, and with a hydrostatic head of 5000, it will keep you and your belongings dry. This tent has seen me through some of the wildest rain I have ever seen and stood strong in some fairly strong winds, but even if you are not braving the elements on Swamp Mountain, the ease that this tent goes up still puts it above my old dome tent.


Although this is a 3-man tent, it was being used for just 1, which may seem a bit much but if you wish to camp in luxury and have room for all your belongings and space to get changed then you can do a lot worse, and this tent really doesn’t weigh that much, only 5.14Kg.


The Vango Gamma 350 In Action!




This tent will accommodate 3 people with plenty of storage space in the porch, and will provide 1 person with a mobile palace. On one particularly rainy night, 3 of us manage to sit in the porch and (almost) play an RPG, and it wasn’t the lack of room or the wet that stopped us (quick tip, always bring plenty of torches!). An excellent purchase that after several adventures is showing no signs of wear and tear.