The Vango Gamma 200 Tent 

The Vango 200



If I was to sum up the Vango 200 in one word it would be “Easy!”


At 4KG (3.9KG actually) it was easy to carry.


With two identical length Powerflex Fibreglass poles there was no room for error.


At a leisurely pace I had set this tent up alone in under 10minutes! Easy. The fact that I have left the fly sheet attached means that next set up will take under 5mins!


The tent itself has taped seams to help with waterproofing and has reflective webbing which not only makes the tent look kinda cool (as cool as these things get anyway lol) but helps you to locate it in the dark!


Now for the best part. As you may have seen from our previous article we camped on “Swamp Mountain” AKA Ardtoe, a foul place that is more like a bog than anything else. I can tell you that this little tent was hammered and I mean hammered with rain for 20 hours and did not leak a single drop! The tent was warm and comfortable and had plenty of space for my gear and myself. It also features a fairly generous porch where you can leave your wet boots and clothing.


The Vango 200 in action! Far Right


5 essential items when camping

Here are 5 useful, everyday items we think and camper MUST have but are likely to forget:-
1. A roll of bin bags, a variety of uses from rubbish collection to a way of separating wet clothes from the dry ones or even improvised waterproof clothing.
2. Kitchen roll, does everything toilet paper does (if somewhat more roughly) but is more absorbent and so more useful for minor leaks in your tent.
3. Duct tape, great for lashing things together and quick repairs for rips in your tent or punctures in your air bed.
4. String, from tying your bedroll to your back pack to emergency guy ropes, a good ball of string has you covered.
5. A cutting edge, be it a Swiss army knife or a good quality pair of scissors, you will need something to open packages, cut sting, make repairs as well as a million other bushcraft uses.



General Stats 


2 berth tent


1 door


Height: 100cm          Length: 315cm          Width: 170cm


Bedroom Dimensions: 210x150x90 (cm)




For a single person doing some wild camping this is a cracking little tent that can really stand up to the weather and I would highly recommend it. However I would not use this tent for 2 people unless I had somewhere else to put the rest of my gear i.e. my car in which case it would do as a great festival tent too.