Torside Clough - Derbyshire

They're a straight talking bunch in Derbyshire. The reservoir is called Torside Reservoir (because it's next to Torside Clough). Torside Clough is actually the name of the valley, rather than the edge that we walked up. The edge is called Clough Edge (because it's the edge around the clough). And we got to about here: 53.469967, -1.901374

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Our walk begins on a beautiful but crisp February morning.

Beautiful Views

Anyone got directions?

A good set of walking sticks are recommended for this part of the walk. It's steepness reminded us of the stairs at Cirith Ungol!

Know your Tolkien

Cirith Ungol is the passageway through the Shadow Mountains into Mordor that Frodo and Sam take in J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the rings. It is reached by ascending a series of steep, stone stairways leading to the narrow tunnel and other steep stretches before bringing you straight into Shelob’s lair.
Cirith Ungol means “Spider’s Cleft” in Sindarin, one of several elven languages Tolkien created for Middle-Earth.
It should go without saying that the works of Tolkien are essential inspiration for any fantasy RPG, but just in case, I’m saying it here! The works of Tolkien are essential inspiration for any fantasy RPG.

Stairs of Cirith Ungol?

The hooves of a Balrog? Perhaps, but our guide believed they were more likely to be the hooves of some kind of ruminant....

What manner of beast is this!?

Torside Edge

Pictures just don't do justice to the height and beauty of this place.

Torside Edge

The last rays of sun signal our journey home. It was a great walk and one we think people of nearly all levels of fitness could enjoy.

The journey ends, light fades!