Stob Ghabhar, before and after

This year’s Ding-IRL camping trip took us back to the site of our first trip almost 3 years ago, a place near Rannoch moor in the Highlands of Scotland and a mountain called Stob Ghabhar. In that time both us and the mountain had changed; us because we were more prepared for the ordeals that lay ahead, and the mountain because we had chosen to come a few months earlier this year and avoid the more annoying of the winged residents (midges, not griffins or Pteranodons  or anything like that, although that would be cool!). As you can see, the difference of just a couple of months had a dramatic effect on the landscape!






But we were seasoned too! We split our supplies up into 2 trips worth, the first trip was our tents; my cheap festival tent now a distant memory, replaced with one with a 5000 hydrostatic head and although I still don’t know what that means, it’s bloody dry!

And of course, an essential purchase for any serious Ding-Head, the Events tent, complete with folding chairs and table. It’s the perfect way to enjoy this awesome landscape, once we had gone back for our second trips worth of stuff.

With camp set up, we returned for the second lot of supplies and the scale of the task we had set ourselves started to dawn on us. As beautiful as this landscape is, it’s pretty much a bog and is fairly unforgiving to both the hiker and their gear (also seeing the remains of a deer floating in a pond à la the Dead Marshes didn’t do much for morale!). But we struggled on, and before we knew it, we were enjoying olives and pâté in style!

The earlier time of year did make it a bit colder than last time, but again, we were prepared! It’s not just marathon runners who benefits from these light weight reflective blankets, they do surprisingly good job of keeping your body heat in.

The next few days we were free to explore this wilderness, and unlike previous years, we were kitted out to the max; we had the right footwear, cameras with full batteries AND empty memory cards,

even self-heating meals for our midday picnic. You know you are going on a badass hike when the only things you forgot were sunscreen and an ice-axe!

We even had chance to check in with you guys and see how the Ding-Heads were doing (they were doing awesome!).

What footwear do we recommend for such a walk? See for yourselves here.

And so after 3 days of high adventure, we said farewell to the mountain and returned to our normal lives, our spirits renewed and over-flowing with inspiration for gaming table (and desperately in need of a shower!)! What games will be inspired by our trip to the mountain? Be sure to check back here at Ding-IRL to read about all our adventures at the table AND away from it.