Six reasons to play Mini Six

We think we have found something special here at Ding-IRL, a little game that packs a big punch, Mini Six by Anti Paladin Games. You will be seeing a lot of it here from now on so we thought we would share with you guys the top six reason we think you should play Mini Six.

Mini Six

1) IT’S FREE – Just head on over to Anti Paladin Games and download your copy of Mini Six Bare Bones Edition, and while you are there check out all the other settings available and show them some love. And you really do get everything you need, character creation, game mechanics, sample NPCs as well as rules for vehicle combat, magic and plenty of ideas to get your game started. A lot of games require you buy players’ handbooks, monster manuals, chronicle books etc before start playing, with Mini Six you are just one click away from everything you need.

2) IT’S EASY – For veteran players this will be a breeze to pick up, the Bare Bones Editions is only 38 pages (which includes a substantial bestiary AND four mini settings) so there is not a lot to wrap your head around. New players will find the rules a lot more intuitive than most games on the market and with it only using D6, most people will be able to scrape enough together for their first game without a trip to their local games store. The basic mechanics of the game are simple, for every task the GM picks the appropriate skill or attribute, which are given as a number of dice, and sets a difficulty or target number. The player then rolls the number of dice corresponding to that skill or attribute and compares it to the target number, equal to or higher is a pass, lower is a fail, simple!

3) IT’S FLEXIBLE – Mini Six is a generic system that can be used to fit any setting from fantasy to sci-fi, Wild West to super hero. It is perfect for running that idea you had for a game but couldn’t find the right system to use, which means it’s the perfect choice for those living the Ding-IRL dream! What to run a game based on your camping holiday or trip to a castle? Head on over to Anti Paladin Games and you ready to go! Then, of course, remember to come back here and tell us all about your adventures.

4) IT’S CUSTOMISABLE – Not only can you come up with your own skills, specialisations, complications and perks for your settings but new races, spells, magic items, even a whole new magic system! In fact you can tweek and tinker what you like, want to change how damage works or add rules for fatigue? Go ahead; this game is made to be modified.

5) IT’S FUN – We have played quite a few games here at Ding-IRL, from big names on the market like Dark Heresy to free independent works like Radiance; from heavily thematic games like Mummy: the Curse to generic systems like Savage Worlds. Although Mini Six doesn’t replace anyone’s personal favourite game, it works and it works well. The characters feel unique, the combat is fast-paced and deadly, skills cover all sorts of situations including social interactions, it ticks a lot of boxes and does a lot of things right without every bogging you down with rules, an excellent role-playing experience!

6) IT’S OPEN – Thanks to the magic of the open gaming licence, you, me and anyone else is free to publish their own content for Mini Six, so long as you acknowledge the fine people at Anti Paladin Games (and why won’t you, they’re AWESOME!) and don’t pretend it was all your idea then it’s cool! For full details on how this works and what you need to do, head over to Anti Paladin Games “License” page. So expect to see us using Mini Six a lot here at Ding-IRL, from adventures to mini-settings but especially on our You the Character page which if you haven’t already, go check out now!


So if you have always wanted to play an RPG, now is the time! Just get your copy of Mini Six, grab a fist full of dice and off you go. You will find loads of ideas, inspiration and advice for running games here at Ding-IRL and you can always share your experience with us on Facebook and Twitter or at our Contact Us page.