Savage Worlds Deluxe

The Book

This soft cover book is a little gem! From the moment you open Savage Worlds Deluxe you know you are in for Fast, Furious, Fun just as the cover proclaims! With full colour pages and some great artwork this Savage Worlds Deluxe is wonderful to read and the fact that it is small enough to fit into your pocket makes it all the more awesome!

Character creation

Within just a few minutes of reading the rules you will be ready to make your hero. Attributes are given a dice from D4 to D12, the better you want an attribute the higher the die you should allocate. Certain races may have bonuses or penalties to certain attributes or skills but of you don’t like the races available you can easily knock up some of your own!

Savage Worlds Deluxe

The book also provides plenty of character archetypes from the healer cleric to the ace pilot, from the great weapon wielding warrior to the rogue scientist. 

Skills are allocated in a similar fashion and again range from a D4 for weaker skills to D12 for skills your character is expert in.

The best thing about the character creation is that you can literally make ANY type of character. You could make a spell slinging bounty hunter from the future or a Knight in shining armour from the past to a modern day Spartan with hand to hand skills and a machine gun!! All I would say is check what kind of world you are going to be playing in with your GM before you make your 8ft lizard man that shoots lasers from his mouth! 8ft lizard men don’t fit in too well in your GM’s WW2 setting!

After sorting your stats you will then pick some edges and hindrances. This is the part where you really start to get to know your character and get a feel for what he/she is all about. An edge may be something like an extra die to add to your insane helicopter skills or maybe you are a hit with the opposite sex and a hindrance might be that you are a coward, you are very old or you have an enemy from the past. All of these things add up to give you a full and rich character from day one.

Even better is that once you know how to make a character you can then make new character in less than 10minutes!!!!  

The System

The ethos of fast, furious, fun is obvious from the start. With Bruitus the indomitable I was able to smash, bash and magic blast my way through a dungeon filled with hordes of golbins! Wow this game moves with some pace and takes all of about 10minutes to learn how to play. Combat is fast and flexible offering more than one way to defend yourself, escape combat or put the mighty beat down upon your foes!  OK it lacks endless tables of rules but to be fair rules can sometimes slow a game down. This is a game that lets you decide what your spells look like for example if you pick the blast spell mentioned above YOU decide what it looks like, so does the enemy erupt in fire or do magical butterflies melt their minds? The mechanics work the same but the feel of the spell is personal and unique.

Flexibility is something that this system has in spades too. If you made a standard soldier you would be spoilt for choice what with tanks, planes and a load of other vehicles. Then you have knives, swords, machineguns, rocket launchers and missiles and much more!

There are rules for AOE attacks, aimed shots, burst fire and even kicking in a door. The best part is that they are all in one place and are easy to find because again this is fast furious fun we are after and not pouring over rules for hours on end! 


The Setting

 Zen Jeru recommends:-

National Treasure 1&2, 2004 & 2007
For fast paced, modern, pulpy adventure films that don’t take themselves too seriously, you can’t go wrong with the National Treasure films starring Nicolas Cage. They follow the adventures of Ben Gates, an expert in American history and part-time treasure hunter. He and his companions are in a race against time to find a treasure that will not only make them all rich and famous but also clear his name. They may not be the greatest examples of cinematic art ever produced but their format is great for anyone wanting to run a pulp adventure style RPG. The main characters will be given a clue that leads them to the next one, the drama and the action come with them working out how they are going to get the next clue and not much time is wasted on figuring out what the clue means (it never takes Ben Gates long to work it out!). Will they have to break in to a museum for the next clue; do they have to persuade a particular NPC to help? All this with the villain constantly breathing down their necks. These films are full of scenes that can be lifted straight into your RPG when you want to run a good action adventure full of fast, furious fun!


There isn’t one! This is supposed to be a game system that will fit whatever setting you want. If you are looking for pages and pages of maps and lore then you can always buy one of the many savage worlds books out there that are setting based such as Dead Lands and Weird Wars!




If you are looking for a game that you can be playing within 10minutes of sitting at the table and then 10minutes later everyone knows the rules and is having a great time then this game is for you! Don’t let the fact that there isn’t a hundred tables of rules and there is no setting info to speak of put you off as an experienced GM could make one hell of an adventure using only this book!

Savage Worlds Deluxe is recommended for new comer and experienced players alike! If you are looking for more  setting info then you will need to invest in other products.


4 Star Rating: Recommended

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