RPG's - Role Playing Games

What is an RPG? An RPG is a Role Playing Game. The Players will each have a character that they play a bit like an actor in a movie. The Games Master or GM controls the world and the events that unfold in it. The GM also controls potential frends or enemies of the Player Characters, these are the NPC's.

On this page will find tips, advice and ideas for your RPG's. 

In the gamer advice section we discuss top tips for new GM’s and players alike! We will also provide advice for running your opening game and some great story hooks to help you keep your players wanting more!

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Have a look at some of our book reviews. It is always helpful to have a rough idea of what the game is gonna be like before you jump in! Also we want YOU to send in your reviews and musing on the different games, settings and systems out there!

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Just fancy reading a good story? Then check out our gaming stories page! We will bring you regular updates from the RPG's we have been playing here at Ding-IRL!

If you are already a seasoned GM and you have tales of high adventure you would like to share get in touch! We would love to read your tales of epic adventure!

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