Real Life!


On these pages you will find ideas for adventures, places to go and things to see.


We would also like YOU to help!


Have you been somewhere awesome? Then please get in contact and we will post pictures of your adventures.


Places to visit!


Also be sure to check out our Tent Reviews! when you have done that have a look at our equipment page!




Find the skills we have attempted to master, some may be simple but others may prove quite the challenge!


Have you mastered a skill? From Karate to Blacksmithing, from Fencing to Skydiving we want to know so get in contact and share your knowledge!


Skills Mastered!




Why not combine all of the above and create YOU the character! Gain experience for learning new skills and visiting different places! Use our XP system to work out what level you are in real life and then begin levelling up!!!!


You The Character!