Carving a “MONSTER” Pumpkin!Pumpkin Carving Kit









1) This part is optional but we recommend buying a pumpkin carving kit as they tend to be safer than kinves and take a lot of the hassle out of the job.















2) Draw an outline of the pumpkin lid with a good thick pencil and cut the lid using the outline as guidance.


 Draw an outline for your lid   Cut out your lid


3) Using the scoop de-bowel your pumpkin, remove all of the seed and stringy material but take care to leave your pumpkin wall at least 1inch thick.


 Remove lid   Scoop out insides


4) Tape or pin your pumpkin template to the pumpkin. If you don’t have a template you can draw the outline of your design with a pencil.


 Template   Put your trmplate on your pumpkin


5) Next use your punch to pierce over the outline on the surface.


 Using the punch   First part punched out


                              Image punched out   Remove template


6) Use the carving saw (carefully) to cut into the pumpkin, follow the shape of your design and then push the shapes outwards with your fingers.




                              Push out shapes   Almost there!


7) Place the candle in your pumpkin, after a few minutes take the lid off and cut vents into it where the lid has turned black.




If you carve a pumpkin get in touch and we will publish your pictures here!


WARNING: The tools used in this demonstration are not toys and therefore these products must be used under adult supervision! If you follow this guide you are responsible for any injury or damage.