RIFTS Dimension Book 2: Phase World


The Book


Human minions sit at a console to ensure a giant super monster get his lunch. It’s a shame lunch appears to be humans or at least humanoids!


Welcome to Phase World a kind of RIFTS in space. A fair enough statement considering this game is a RIFTS Dimension book. However where RIFTS was a post-apocalyptic future Earth, Phase World is the setting for a super high-tech Space Opera!

Phase World


In fact I advise you to read our RIFTS review before you continue. Done that? Excellent, then please proceed.


The book kicks off with an introduction describing what Phase World can be like. Adventures may span multiple galaxies with the player characters fighting or pledging their allegiance to different armies and factions in a game akin to Star Wars or they may be doing something more mundane such as transporting a batch of the finest Qargon brandy from the Corkscrew galaxy back to Phase World for some mysterious rich and powerful benefactor. Perhaps smuggling or bounty hunting is your thing. Perhaps a mixture of the above and more are what your characters will be doing. That’s what I love about this game, with infinite stars comes infinite possibilities, how about a character that is super powered and nigh on invulnerable conquering a small back water planet a la General Zod? How about a Han-Solo style smuggler with a love for gambling? Maybe you just really want to be a 7ft alien with a Gravatonic Railgun! All of these things and much more are possible in Phase World. If in the unlikely event you can’t find a race or class you would like to play, don’t worry there is a section in the book that presents you with the rules for making up your very own Alien Race!


But this book isn’t all about characters you can make. There is also a highly detailed chapter dedicated to Phase World itself and some its more famous inhabitants. The information is so plentiful that you could easily run a game based solely on Phase World and never run out of things to do places to go and people to see.


Even more fantastic is that Phase world is the central hub of the three galaxies AND the whole palladium Megaverse! What to travel to the Palladium Fantasy setting? Go get your papers signed and set through the dimension gate! The Same thing applies to Wormwood, Heroes Unlimited and literally in infinite amount of others.



Character Creation


The book itself contains a whopping 40 classes to choose from. These classes cover just about all of the bases you could want in a Space Opera game, we have smugglers and space pirates. We have the Kreegor a crocodile like warrior race hell-bent on domination. There is the legendary Cosmo-Knight (think Super-Man in plate armour) a noble hero that is as at home fighting villains and monsters as they are destroying the warp core of some nefarious creatures start ship. There are also some old characters with new twists, the Wolfen from the Palladium Fantasy game are present in this game but this time with added spaceships!


On top of this you can also use ANY RIFTS character without having to do any conversions (and vice versa, you could use any of these characters in a RIFTS setting).


However this also means the same flaws present in RIFTS are present here, meaning inexperienced players will take a whole gaming session just to roll up a character.


More experienced players will be delighted with the sheer number of options and will relish rolling up a new character to do battle with galactic evil (or good as the case may be).



The System


The system is EXACTLY the same as RIFTS so I encourage you to read that review first. One bonus to Phase World is that the book is laid out with a little more common sense.





All of the combat uses the standard palladium system for attacking and evading BUT this game really shines when it comes to space fights. The hero of our game A.D.A.M Genesis was as comfortable punching and kicking a hive of Vampires that had taken over a mining colony as he was tearing through space blasting pirates in his Fire Eater fighter ship!


The ship to ship combat is really well thought out and works a breeze, you will have great fun jinking and dog tailing your enemies, once you have the advantage you can let rip with you missiles and laser canons.


All of the rules are clear and make good sense without weighing the game down. You can even engage in Star-ship to Star-ship combat at speeds faster than light which is as fun to play as it is dangerous!



Magic and Psionics


Again to save me doing a copy paste simply head over to our RIFTS review to find out everything you need to know.





This book is like RIFTS on steroids! It is packed with Ultra-hi-tech weapons (as opposed to the usual hi-tech weapons), power armour, character classes and races. This is an excellent Dimension Book and is well worthy of a place in your collection.


The book is filled with politics, intrigue, adventure and a rich history. This game comes Highly Recommended.


Also worth noting is even though this is a Dimension Book it has its own set of sourcebooks that further expand on the three galaxies and the superpowers and fleets that populate them. Look out for future reviews!

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended 

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