Mount Snowdon


Mount Snowdon stands 1085m/3560ft above sea level and is the highest point in the British Isle outside of Scotland (Ben Nevis being the highest at 1344m/4409ft above sea level).


Mount Snowdon A Long Way Up!


The Summit


Now as you may know Ding-IRL is all about doing the exciting things that our characters have done, therefore it only makes sense that we would have to get a mountain climb under our belts in honour of the legendary Dwarven adventurer Isaac Haemarron!


Being RPG enthusiasts we couldn’t believe it when we saw the name of one of the paths up to the peak of Mount Snowdon “The Ranger Path”, if ever a path screamed RPG adventure it was this one! So with thoughts of Aragorn, Frodo, Haemarron, Baron Mugwort and others we set off at 11:30am on a brisk September morning, our goal was the top of Mount Doom…. sorry Mount Snowdon via what is generally agreed to be the oldest path on the mountain!

Choose your path wisely.

Like all mountains, Snowdon has a number of different paths leading to the summit, these range in steepness and difficulty as well as journey time. Generally speaking, the steeper the path the quicker you get to the top BUT the more difficult the path is and the greater fitness required. When climbing mountains in your RPGs, offer this choice to the players, either before they set off or mid –journey, depending on which suits best. Maybe they start of on a steep route but when it becomes too much and the weather takes a turn for the worse they have to look for an easier route. Perhaps they are short of time and have to find a guide that will take them on the quickest possible route to the top before a dark ritual can be completed. This path won’t be easy and will test the characters’ physical limits; climbing skill checks and stamina rolls will be the order of the day!



The Beginning!


About half way up the Mountain we would stop for some food, drink and a quick RPG session! After all we weren’t going up there to break any speed records and what better way to mix our favourite hobbies in the spirit of Ding-IRL. Not only would we be levelling up in real life but we could get a quick gaming session in too! Bliss.


You can read about our game session here!


Half Way!


The Mountain also has many links to the folk lore of King Arthur. It is said that Arthur fought a giant called Rhitta Gawr that wore men’s beards as a cloak here. It is also home to the lake Glaslyn where Sir Bedivere returned Excalibur to the lady of the lake!




The question was, would we make it to the summit in time to catch the train back down? The short answer to that is NO! We got so involved in the beautiful surrounding and our gaming session that we decided to walk down the mountain via a different route, the lovely Llanberis Path which is the longest path down but also has the shallowest gradient. 


The Snowdon Rail Service


On the Rails?


Amazingly thanks to modern technology we also had time to check in on the website, not only that but our phones could be used to take our character sheets and books up the mountain too without adding any extra weight. We will be writing an article soon to tell you all about it. 


Checking in With Ding-IRL



We arrived back in town at 9:30pm after spending 10 wonderful hours playing RPG’s whilst surrounded by the most picturesque mountain range we could imagine! 


We levelled up our characters and we levelled up in real life too! Now that’s what I call a Ding-IRL!!!