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In Flames – Game Two

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The last game ended with the players, well, being crushed to death under the immense weight of Stalk 713, brought down by the mysterious tattooed man. Why had he done this and what was the meaning of his last words, “It has begun!”? They were his last words because surely he died in the wreckage too?

Act 1 – Waking Up

The players opened their eyes for the first time since the incident on Stone to find themselves suspended in strange, green ooze. They were each stood upright in a glass tank and could see and a scientist holding a clip board stood in the room they were in. When he saw they had opened their eyes he ran out the room and the process of bringing them round began.

In Flames

They had heard rumours that Smoke, the secret service branch of Unity, had technology that could regenerate human tissue even after death, was that what these tanks were?

Washed and dressed, they find themselves aboard a Smoke ship traveling to the moon of Opal. The agents on board are not very forth coming with information except to tell them that the incident they were “involved” in has had a dramatic effect on the economy of the Flame worlds. The owners of the stalk that was destroyed (Opal Mining Group based on Opal) have seen it as a personal attack and, with no suspects being identified, have shut down trade with all other worlds. With so many lives depending on the resources supplied by Opal Mining Group, panic is quickly spreading throughout the Flame worlds. After the incident, the Smoke agents had been searching the records of Unity communications when they found their report for the junkyard. They had found their remains and were able to resurrect them in their tanks and now they want the players to go with them to Opal and tell the authorities there everything they know with a view to cooling their paranoia. They players were more than willing to co-operate, especially when medals and pensions were mentioned!

However, when they arrived at the spaceport, instead of the moons officials there to greet them, there was a squad of security puppets there to arrest them. They had no choice but to comply and go with them into the elevator, clearly the paranoia was getting worse. When the doors were closed and they had started moving, there was a bang and a blinding flash as the elevator jerked to a halt. The security puppets stood lifeless as the smoke agent started opening a trapdoor on the elevator floor. The smoke agent had fired an EMP grenade, disabling all the electrical equipment in the area for about 30 seconds. He gave them a datastick with the details of his investigation on it and told them to find an undercover smoke agent stationed in the lower city call Harry Vortex, in the Hotel Icarus. The players took the datastick and climbed down the shaft, 30 seconds later they heard the lift jerk back to life and multiple shots being fired.

Act 2 –Making Contact

The lower city was reached by a series of tunnels and shafts that made up the machinery that pumped and filtered the artificial atmosphere to the city, the natural atmosphere of Opal, although beautiful when viewed from space, is deadly to all forms of life. But these passage ways were not empty: there were security drones patrolling all around, like floating disembodied metal heads, armed with rather nasty plasma guns. These made the players’ journey quite dangerous, but their stealth rolls paid off and they made it to the lower city alive.

The lower city wasn’t nearly as bad as the near lawless-ness of Dome city but the poverty was nearly as bad. The streets on the way to the Hotel Icarus (the whereabouts were located by using one of the city’s many information points, sort of touch screen maps) were dotted with crowds of homeless people, workers striking in front of factories, the usual signs of a down trodden underclass.

The Hotel itself was fairly unremarkable, only a flickering neon sign identified it as such. Inside, the man behind the counter offered them a room and, with a few persuade rolls, he also gave out the room number of Harry Vortex. They checked in, the room was a simple, slightly filthy, one-step-up from a prison cell, but it is down the corridor from Harry’s room so that is all they need. They found and air vent that could be accessed from their room and gave them a good view of Harry’s. From this vantage point, the room seemed just like theirs, there were no signs of anyone staying there. They lowered themselves into the room and after a quick search they found a few clothes, some toiletries and a rather powerful handgun. They decided to take the gun and leave a note saying they wanted to talk and to meet them in their room.

A few hours passed while the players waited behind the door of their hotel room until they hear footsteps in the corridor outside, it was Harry (or whoever was staying in Harry’s room) returning. Minutes later there is a knock at the door, they open it but there is no-one there; a small metal sphere bounces into the room and a loud bang rattles the walls of the building. It was a concusion grenade! However, a couple of very difficult stamina rolls means that all it did was knock one of the players back in his chair. Harry Vortex leapt into the room expecting to see his assailants unconscious on the floor but instead was confronted with a man with a slightly dishevelled beard. Shocked by the effect (or lack thereof) of his grenade, Harry Vortex sat down and started to listen to the players story. They told him they were witnesses to the incident on Stone and that the Smoke agent they had been with had given them the Datastick when the authorities had turned hostile. They gave him the Data Stick, and he tried to upload the information on his Smoke terminal hidden in his room. Unfortunately the EMP blast from earlier had damaged it and the data was unreadable.

*Note to the reader. I had given the players a pendrive to represent the datastick (a cheap one i got free with the advert scratched off). I renamed the drive SMOKE DATASTICK so that when Harry and them went to up load it in the game, the players could plug the pendrive into my laptop. When it opened there was a folder called “Select File For Upload”. Click here to see the contents of the files.







Most of the information was lost but on DATA FILE 04 there was a name and a face that could be made out, Daniel Sapra. The players recognise him as the mysterious tattooed man they saw on Stone, but Harry informs them that it he is a famous Uplifter who died over 100 years ago. A little odd that he should be still going strong all these years later and even stranger that he would be carrying out such devastating terrorist attacks. Harry told them they need to get this information to Smoke, get off-world and get to the nearest Unity base. They would need to get a pass to the spaceport and stow-away or hijack a ship, the type of people who have passes are space pilots, officials and medical staff. He knows a doctor, Dr Jobar, who has helped him before and may help the players get a space pass. Dr Jobar works in sector 12 where, unfortunately, the rioting has caused the local police forces to lock the sector down, no-one gets in or out.

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