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Act 3 – The Lower City

Getting into sector 12 was much like getting into the lower city itself; security puppets patrolled the perimeter so the only way past was through the sewers and underground passages. These were not empty, as well as the security drones, there were a number of people who were trying to do the same thing as the players. They were trying to reach family members and friends who were in sector 12 and need to get medical supplies, food and all the other essentials that the security puppets were keeping from the citizens of sector 12. With their military backgrounds, the players thought they could help these people out and co-ordinated their journey passed the drones. That was until a straggler at the back of the group paused for a few seconds too long and a drone spotted him, and emptied enough ammunition into him to bring down a small building.

The players and the remaining citizens made it back to street level and they all went their separate ways, with the players heading towards the free clinic where Dr Jobar works.

They found the free clinic to be a fairly busy place with medical staff clearly over worked. The patients had all manner of illnesses from gunshot wounds from security puppets and rioters, to diseases requiring specialist medication. A nurse pointed them towards a consulting room where Dr Jobar sees his patients; they went in to find a young man in a white coat furiously pouring over some paperwork covering a desk. He was clearly a busy man and was not in the mood to help the players out at the moment. The relationship did not get off on the right foot and, believing the doctor to be uncooperative, left the office to plan another way to gain a space pass. They decide that the fate of the Flame worlds was at stake and that that justified extreme measures! They set off the fire alarm causing everyone to go into a state of panic. As everyone started to exit the building they sidled over to the doctor and, unseen by the masses, bashed him over the head and stole his pass, they then ran out the building before a nearly-dead doctor Jobar could alert anyone to his predicament.

Getting out of sector 12 was simply a matter of retracing their steps through the sewers and passed the drones (and corpse) back to the unrestricted part of the city and on to the space port.

Act 4– Get Off-World!

There new passes got them into the spaceport but would not fly them off world, they needed to find some way of getting a ship and with the success of their last operation, they decided stealing a set of keys would be the quickest. The spaceport was fairly crowded but no-one seemed to be doing very much; the authorities paranoia meant that unloading and loading goods was brought to a standstill.

The amount of red-tape required by all the pilots all but prohibited anything reaching the people of the lower city and was no doubt the trigger for the rioting the players had witnessed. They made their way to a bar that seemed to be frequented by pilots and their crews. One group stood out to them as they were all fairly intoxicated and letting everyone around them know it. They served their purpose well, after a couple of drinks bought for them they pointed out which ship was theirs and a few more and they were unable to spot the pick pocket rolls happening right next to them. It wasn’t over yet, as they still needed to make it passed the security puppets between them and the ship. All was going well until one of the drunken pilots noticed them going towards their ship. They shouted out and the security puppets started to react, but not quite fast enough! The players were able to hold them off long enough to get aboard the ship, close the doors and engage the engines. The ship roared to life and a display panel indicated that the auto pilot had been engaged.

They were going off-world, but where to?

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