Gaming Stories

Tales of high adventure can be found here! Read ours or submit your own!

Disclaimer: When hearing people discuss RPG's you might hear them say things like "I died!" or "I killed it!" and whilst this may sound violent or scary it isn't. Many RPG's are run like the PG (parental Guidance) films we have watched for years,

Here at Ding-IRL we do not condone violence in anyway, we also do not believe in the occult, magic or the supernatural even though such things may appear in our games.

Remember these games are make believe and should not be mixed up with real life. 

Classic World of Darkness - Writen by thephoenix5 (PG-12 may contain mature subject matter).

A Bronze Age Adventure! - A Story based on a game we played using Palladium 1st edition rules.

The Ballad of Isaac Haemarron - A Fantasy tale about a legendary Dwarf!

Bonfires in the Rain - An Exalted story from our contributor Omicron