Footwear for Adventurers


Picture the scene, you have arrived at your destination, ahead of you lies only nature! A long weekend of adventure and relaxation awaits you as you set off with a spring in your step and a song in your heart. You load up your pack, gather up your supplies and with the very first step you take off the path… your foot sinks 12 inches into the mud ruining your shoes forever!


OK, so you have thought ahead, this is an adventure weekend after all, so you have invested in a half-decent pair of hiking boots that are at least semi-waterproof so they are not ruined forever. But they will be ruined for the rest of the weekend, they will be wet and therefore your socks will be wet and if it gets cold at night that will be a problem!


So what? You can just take lots of socks; in fact why not buy a big pack of 12 pairs just for the trip for a few quid and just stuff the wet ones in a carrier bag when you take them off. That’s a lot of effort and will you really want to do that at 3am when nature calls and you’re in the middle of a rain storm? Then there is the bag of smelly socks you have to sleep next to for the next few nights…


But hiking boots have the best tread and ankle support; you have to wear them if you are doing any serious walking! And yet you still have to avoid muddy area, streams and other places that can potentially soak you above the ankle otherwise you will be up to the eyes in mud and wet socks the moment you get back to your tent. And they don’t come cheap! £40, £60, £120, how much do you pay for a good pair?


If only there was an alternative. If only there was a type of footwear that kept you and your socks bone dry from the knee down even in 12inches of water. A type of footwear that lets you go where you wanted on your hike and let no obstacle or terrain stand in your way? A type of footwear that, no matter how muddy the conditions could be wiped clean with water and tissue paper in a matter of moments and be completely clean and dry. A type of footwear that even after a full day of walking to and from the Cairn of the Lost Lad, were as comfortable as skateboarding trainers on tarmac! And to cap it all off, wouldn’t it be great if they cost about £10?


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you …


Footwear: The Good Old Fashioned Wellington Boot!


The Wellington Boot!


They are cheap, they are practical, they are available everywhere and come in a range of colours and styles, and they are my footwear of choice when adventuring. The welly, as recommended by Ding-IRL and the crofters of Ardtoe!