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Derwent Valley – Howden dam



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On a cold November afternoon we decided it was time to go on a new adventure. Our destination was Derwent Valley home of the Howden Dam and Ladybower reservoir.


Derwent Valley Dam 01


 Derwent Valley Dam 02


The dam was a sight to behold both beautiful in the winter sun and majestic in it size. This is the place where the “Dam Busters” practiced their bombing runs. As we look down on the dam from above we could imagine the aeroplanes of old practicing their art.

Here’s a piece of local folklore that has inspired a game around the Ding-IRL table:-

Cairn of the Lost Lad

A local urban legend tells of a young boy named Abraham Lowe who lived on a farm in the area with his widowed mother. One night, when Abraham was gathering the sheep and bringing them back to the farm, the snow came down and blanketed the landscape in white. Abraham was lost, he tried to find shelter under some rocks but it was no good, by morning he had died from exposure. Days later his body was found next to a rock where he had scratched the words “Lost Lad”. A cairn was built to mark the place and to this day visitors still claim to have seen the ghostly figure of a young boy around the cairn when the weather gets especially bad.



Derwent Valley Dam 03


Scenic Beauty


Once past the reservoir we ascended into high peak estate home of the High Peak Estate Hollin Clough. The climb was fairly tough but once you reach the summit you find yourself stood on flat open land. The view is something else! 

Right This Way

High Peak Estate

Wooded Beauty

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