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Cross the Room

Basics: the players must get to a certain spot while facing an enemy force.

Set-ups: the players encounter a group of enemies they can't fight for some reason. They may be carrying a wounded NPC, they might be on a time limit, or there may simply be too many enemies to fight. They need to break through and get to a certain spot on the battlefield (or off the edge of the map).

Progression: the enemies try to slow the players down while they're moving. If there are too many enemies to fight, they join the battle in waves so as not to instantly overwhelm the players. The players might not immediately notice the destination, or it could change over the course of the fight because the original route to the destination becomes blocked, or the original destination collapses. The players may need to cross or destroy barriers before they can reach the destination.

Success: all of the players reach the spot and leave the enemies behind or close off the way behind them.

Failure: some or all of the players are captured or killed, or they had to leave their cargo or the wounded NPC behind to make it to the escape route in time.

Risks: slowing and immobilizing effects and forced movement can be incredibly cool or incredibly unfair. When used in moderation (only a limited number of enemies can do it) it adds another dimension to the combat: take out the controller while running away.


Prevent the Enemy from Escaping

Basics: one or more enemies are caught redhanded by the players and try to get to safety.

Set-ups: the players discover enemies doing something not so nice, and want them to surrender or fight. The enemies however are more interested in getting away from the players. Alternatively, the enemies might decide during a combat that they'd rather run away to fight another day than die at the players' hands.

Progression: the enemies try to reach one or more spots on the map (could also be the edge of the map). If an enemy reaches that spot, it's safe from further attacks from the players.

Success: the players prevent the enemies from escaping to safety. They have captured them and can interrogate them or hand them over to the authorities.

Failure: the enemies get away from the players. They are now free to continue their evil activities. The players need to find their lair or get the information they need from somewhere else. This result could also lead to a chase scene where the players try to capture the enemies through a skill challenge.

Risks: don't make it too easy for enemies to get to safety. Also give the players an indication beforehand that the enemies are going to flee.

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