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Protect the Caravan

Basics: the players need to protect one or more vehicles from enemies who try rob, board or destroy them.

Set-ups: the players are on board of the vehicles or encounter them during their travels. The enemies charge the vehicles or ambush them.

Progression: the enemies can use a mix of ranged and melee tactics to fulfill their goal. The players not only need to defend the vehicles themselves, but also the cargo and the crew.

Success: the enemies decide to retreat because the players killed a lot of them, or because the players managed to get the vehicles away from the ambush site. The crew are grateful and bring the players to their destination and/or reward them for their help.

Failure: the enemies capture the cargo, kill the crew or hijack the vehicles. The players now need to continue on foot, are stranded, or are captured by the enemies. Alternatively, the crew are disappointed that the players couldn't protect their vehicles and deny to pay them or bring them to their destination.

Risks: don't let the enemies ignore the players when trying to kill the crew or capture the cargo.


Disable the Trap

Basics: the enemies try to lure the players into a trap while fighting them.

Set-up: the players encounter a group of enemies who seem only interested in fighting. Something about their tactics is off, though.

Progression: during the fight, the enemies behave a bit weird. Unbeknownst to the players, the enemies try to trigger a certain condition. Then they spring a trap that turns the combat dramatically in their favor.

Success: the players prevent the enemies from triggering the condition, thus preventing the trap from triggering. Alternatively, they see the trap coming and disable it before it can be sprung.

Failure: the trap is sprung on the players, and they have to deal with the consequences. These consequences don't have to be immediately apparent. For example, the players might find out after the fight that they've been infected with a disease or that an important item has been pickpocketed.

Risks: don't make it too hard on yourself to spring the trap ("players have to be in 5 exact squares on the map"), but also don't make it too easy ("when someone draws their weapon, the trap is sprung"). A common trigger is when an important/powerful enemy becomes bloodied. A famous one is the lair of kobolds who boobytrapped their lair and make it come down around the players while they are safely behind their arrowslits.

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