Basic tips for new players

1) The GM – This person is likely a friend who has put in a lot of time and research to run the game you will be playing so be respectful. Try to cooperate with them, they are not the enemy even though they may control the enemies.

2) Choosing your character – Understand why your GM doesn’t want you to play as an 8ft lizard man in his WWII game! Pick a character that is suitable for the setting and most importantly is one that you really want to play.

3) Know your character – Get familiar with all of your stats and skills. You need to know what your abilities do and what you may have to roll for them.

4) Understand you character – Try and come up with a backstory and an explanation as to why you have all of your skills and abilities, discuss this with the GM as he will then be able to intergrate your character into his story and world.

5) The rules – Although it is ultimately the GMs job to apply the rules the game can run a lot smoother when the players know the rules too.

6) Playing in character – Don’t be shy, use your voice to give the character a unique personality. Try and put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they would do. When you describe what you are doing say it as though it is your character who is speaking.

7) Play as the character – Would your honourable knight stab an unarmed man in the back? Don’t take the easy route through a problem if your character wouldn’t do the same. Would your ordinary street cop know how to kill a werewolf with silver? Try not to bring your out of game knowledge into the game. Just because you can wire a plug doesn’t mean your character can.

8) Be fair – Earn glory for your character don’t cheat a few XP here or add an extra healing potion there. Play your character 100% by the book and I promise you a much more enjoyable game.   

9) There is no I in TEAM! – That’s right chances are you will be playing in a group. Try to work well with everyone else. Let the other players enjoy their time in the spot light.. Know your friends characters and look for new and unique ways to combine your abilities.

10) Be kind – Do not try to de-rail your GMs game. If you don’t like a game you are playing do not ruin the game for the other players.