Armory Source Book for nWOD


Guns, gear, cars and swords, all essential topics for a game and all covered in the Armory. Whether its for mortal investigators or elder vampires, the items in this book will get used at some point. But the armory is far from just a collection of stats, it is an indepth look at weapons and the use of weapons in society. Lets take a look at what it covers. 



Chapter One: Melee Weaponry


From Katanas to chainsaws, this chapter covers all the hand to hand weapons your character could ever want in convenient list with all the necessary stats. But it goes a little deeper than that, a lot deeper. It describes materials, historical information, how a character would get trained in certain styles of fighting. It is a mini-encyclopedia of melee weapons and there use and without doubt the most fluff I have ever seen in a weapons section. This is really useful for when a player decides their character needs a few dots in weaponry mid-campaign, it allows the story teller to integrate it into the story in a realistic way. Who taught them this style? What weapon and why?



Chapter Two: Firearms and Ranged Weaponry


Like the previous chapter, this one goes into great detail about pistols, rifles and everything else that fires bullets. There are a lot of guns in here, all with detailed descriptions about their use, history and the type of people who would carry them. Again, this helps moves weaponry away from being an excuse to roll dice and toward being part of the story itself. When a player picks dots in firearms then they will have to decide where they learnt this, sniper school? Law enforcement training? Skeet shooting at the weekend? Helps when fleshing out a backstory.



Chapter Three: Tactical and Heavy Weaponry


This not only covers grenades and rocket launchers but all the way up to nuclear and biological weapons. The information in this chapter could be used to run a post-apocalype game after the next world war, where people are coping with the fallout from some terrible weapon. It also covers more basic things like plastic explosives, frag grenades, dynamite etc, and as with the previous chapters, so much information on explosives am surprised the FBI haven’t kicked my front door in and arrested me yet! 



Chapter Four: Vehicles 


Cars, boats, planes; stats, descriptions, history, use, story hooks… there is a pattern with this book. EVERTHING to do with vehicles is in this chapter, enough said. 



Chapter Five: Equipment and Accessories


This chapter is probably the least fluffy but then it is describing a wide range of things rather than a particular category so it can be forgiven. In it you will find all sorts of cool gadgets your character could pick up, from night vision goggles, bug sweeping equipment and body armour body armour to traps and surveillance systems. Campaigns involving breaking into places or investigating crime scenes will be referencing this chapter every game. It also includes some items useful for supernatural investigations, because who doesn’t need a Ouija board? 



Chapter Six: Weaponry and the World of Darkness


This chapter goes into gun law in greater detail, explaining things like open carry and concealed carry, as well as when law enforcement will use deadly force and the types of weapons they will use in specific situation. It is specifically about America but it does include information on different nations gun laws, and to be honest, despite being a brit, most of my World of Darkness games are set in the USA so it makes sense. As will the first 3 chapters, this helps steer your games away from schlocky gunfights in the street, bystanders with pump-action shotguns under their coat and cops who open fire at the slightest hint of criminal activity. It puts guns back into a real world perspective and is a must read for any storyteller who wants guns in their game. 



Appendix: Merits


The Armory ends with a selection of new combat-oriented merits, new fighting styles involving weaponry both ranged and melee. These are all very distinct from one another and can turn a character into a very effective killer. 





The Armory has a wealth of information on all things weapon related, it expands on a subject that will no doubt come into play in most campaigns at some point and helps you keep a sense of realism about it all. This book is essential for bring weapons into your game but it is also essential for keeping weapons grounded, interesting and part of the narrative. A great addition to your mortals game but equally useful for any of the supernatural lines. 


5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended 


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