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Ardtoe! Desolate, harsh and wild!

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It was time once again for us to venture into the great unknown. Wild camping was our goal but we had to do it differently. What about wild Glamping?

First thing we would need is an events tent! How else would we all get to sit round the table and play our favourite RPG?

We went for the Vango Event tent!Vango Event TentPlans


With a Protex polyester 3000 embossed body, PowerPlus steel 19mm poles, THREE parallel zip doors and some nice PVC windows (with covers!). This bad boy was perfect. The only downside was that we had to carry this 19.5KG beast a mile and a half, uphill, in the lashing rain and along with all of our other gear!!!

Look at this, where else would you get to see such desolate beauty? This place is like a slice of post-apocalyptic paradise, except with more lizards (I am not kidding, I never knew Scotland was teeming with reptiles!). Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!

 Ardtoe Desolation

 Base Camp

 A sudden shower.

One thing we have learnt camping in Ardtoe is that an area may look suitable for a campsite when the weather is fine, but when the rain starts it can run down the hillside in your direction turning your campsite into a swamp! Sometimes you never know for sure until the heavens open, by which time it’s too late and you find yourself desperately trying to save your belongings from being swallowed up by the bog. When running an RPG where the characters are camping in the wilderness, remember; a sudden downpour in the middle of the night can inject as much action as a combat encounter. It will be a change of pace for the players as they scramble to save any scrolls or potions from being washed away and make them appreciate the city walls that bit more, as well as being a bit kinder to the hit points.


Mysterious Figure 

You can also visit many sites of historical importance; this place in particular is only a 10 minute drive from Ardtoe. 

It was from these shores Prince Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart (31 December 1720 – 31 January 1788) commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie fled to France! 

Cairn for Bonnie Prince Charlie

Harsh Waters

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