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Latest Update

Friday 9th May 2014

Hello friends,

Welcome to our latest update, it's been a while! Don't worry though we have been busy of late using the inspirational power of RPG's to influence our lives.

How have you done this? I hear you ask.

In most fantasy games there will be period where your characters have to travel long distances, often through mountains. Therefore in the spirit of Ding-IRL we packed our bags once more and headed for the mountains! Stob Ghabhar to be exact which is one of the black mountains of the Highlands (in Scotland). Come back next week for pictures and articles based on one of the harshest environments humanity has ever seen (we don't call it "Death Bog" for nothing!).

Whilst there we began a game that's sure to become an epic. Using the Old World of Darkness rule set we made characters from the White Howler tribe, these were the Picts who disappeared from the world long ago. Keep your eyes on the site for updates and information on what happened to our characters!

Also this week we have been in contact with the guys over at let me tell you these fellas know their stuff and this game is shaping up to be awesome. The setting "Land of Shadows" is going to be a dark fantasy setting, with such inspirations as Ravenloft and Game of Thrones. Additionally they are working on a number of tie-in products, including a comic series. Get over to their site and show your support guys!

We have also added Facebook comments boxes to the site so be sure to let us know what you think of our articles and feel free to contact us with your own articles and ideas! 

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