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Weekly Update


Thursday, December 13th 2013

Hello friends,

Welcome to the weekly update and we have something new for all you loyal Ding-Heads out there this week, head on over to the “You the Character” page and see for yourself! We want you all to build yourselves using the Mini Six system, brought to us by the good people at Anti Paladin Games. Think about what skills you have, what are you good at? What experiences have you had? What Complications and Perks would you have? Send in your sheet and who knows, maybe you will appear as an NPC in one of our games in the Ding-IRL office, a substantial reward you’d agree!

Why Mini Six? Have a look at our “Six Reasons to Play Mini Six” to find out why.

In celebration of all things Mini Six we are revisiting a game we have played before at Ding-IRL and is the game that first introduced us to Mini Six, that is In Flames. If you haven’t already then click here to read our review of the game (be kind, it was one of the first we wrote!). We thought it would be a good idea if we kept a log of our games and each week update you with what’s been happening, where did we get inspiration and any advice, house rules or anything else that crops up during the game. So to start off, click here to read our Initial Thoughts on starting a new game, and make sure to come back next time to see how the first game went.

We do of course have our usual review page and this week we have 3 mini reviews for anyone considering a Rifts game, RIFTS and Palladium Books RPG essentials,  sourcebooks no GM should be without. We bring you The Games Masters Guide, The Book of Magic and Conversion Book 1. 3 awesome books that will expand you game no end.

Well that about does it for another week, remember to head over to Anti Paladin Games for your free copy of Mini Six Bare Bones Edition and check all the other stuff they have to offer. Before we go, just a quick thank you to all our friends on Reddit and various other forums for all the help and support you have give already for the you the character page, your help has been invaluable as always.

Until next time loyal Ding-Heads

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Weekly Update


Wednesday, November 20th 2013


Hello friend,

Well Halloween has been and gone but that doesn’t mean the horrors have completely left this world, and we still have one more game on our list! Call of Cthulhu, the grand-daddy of all horror games and one of the longest running RPGs on the market. Inspired by the writing of H.P Lovecraft, as well as many other writers who continued to add to the mythos, Call of Cthulhu is set in a world were Ancient god-like beings exist and corrupt the minds of mortals. Strange mysterious cults perform rituals to bring about the apocalypse, investigators stumble upon books containing forbidden knowledge of eldritch power. The cthulhu mythos, a collective term for all the short stories and books in the same shared universe, has been the inspiration for dozens of board games, card games, dice games, computer games, but one of the first was the Role-Play Game from Chaosium. It has been a firm favourite amongst gamers since its first edition hit the shelves in 1981 and continues to have new support material produced for it. We take a look at the Main rule book, the quick start rules and some of the free support material for this game, all of which is available from our good friends at drivethrurpg. We may not be able to save your sanity, but maybe we can help stop your purse strings from taking a beating.

Cthulhu is coming for YOU!

As the year draws to a close, our attention is focused on our second year and the changes that we will be bringing to the site. We have some big plans and are thrilled that you guys will be here to see them. Like I said last week, we have been amazed at how things have snowballed for us in the last 12 months, we have seen our idea go from a conversation in the pub to a fully functioning website, and we don’t have any plans to slow down!

So until next week, loyal Ding-Heads, keep rolling those dice!

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