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A Bronze Age Adventure


This Role Playing Game takes place during ancient times. An age of magic and adventure, three great heroes must face many challenges if they are to keep the world safe and win fame, fortune and glory! 

This is a time where gods walk amongst men and sire children.

These are the Demi-Gods (Player Characters)!

Valartis – The great soldier

Modan – A wily assassin 

Bradonius – A cowardly but capable gladiator

Scene 1


Carapanthea, a beautiful island bathed all year round by a glorious bronze sun. There has been peace here for the last twenty years, the people and the land flourish.


Commander Southus enters the barracks ringing a bell ferociously.


“Wake up you lazy bastards its time you good for nothings actually did some work!” There was slight sense of mischief in his tone. A good leader, kind and like a father to all of his men.


The massive Valartis wakes from his deep sleep instantly. The total warrior he stands head and shoulders above his fellow soldiers. Hulking yet sinewy his physique betrays his many years of training and train he has. His bronzed skin is a testament to his time working and hunting in the Carapanthean sun.


“Today you will all be on patrol. The merchants and pitmen of Rhodos are here, money will be spent, and blood will be spilt. It is your job to ensure that this is all done within the confines of our law!”


The men head to the mess hall for food.


“Valartis, come to me I wish to speak to you lad.” The Commander speaks with authority.


“Sir!” his deep voice resonating within the small wooden building.


“That thief Corfax will be out there today and I want you specifically to keep an eye on him.” The Commander places a warm hand on Valartis arm. “I have faith in you above all others my friend I know you will not be bent to his will by his serpents tongue.”


A mile away a tall dark figure works the fields. Modan is a traveller from overseas. He has left his past behind him. Now he works the fields for his benefactor Falmer, a kindly old man who provides food and shelter in exchange for physical work.


Modan wipes his brow and takes a drink from his water skin, he surveys the land with his deep brown eyes, he has done a good job today and he feels satisfied. A skyward glance and a brief muttering is enough time for him to thank the gods.


“Modan come to me I need to speak with you.” Falmer sounds excited as he approaches hobbling on his stick. His has just a few tufts of white hair left on his head reminiscent of a dandelion gone to seed.


“What is it Falmer? Are you well?” Asks Modan who is slightly surprised by Falmers sudden enthusiasm.


“Today I want you to go into town”




“Yes yes town! There you will place some coin on Pugula the hideous, he is fighting today and I have just heard that the man his is fighting is a coward and an adulterer. We can win big and buy ourselves and oxen or two.” Falmer cackles with pent up excitement and joy.


“But Falmer I don’t like going into town.”


“Modan you must learn to become a part of this world. It is a sad tragedy for a man who offers so much to lock himself away from the affairs of his fellow man. You must join the rest of humanity Modan, you must!” his voice tapers off and as he hands Modan a small bag of coins he clutches his hand for a moment affectionately. “Get washed and get down there Modan and try and have some fun whilst you are there.”


As Modan washed his face in the rain tub he thought about the old mans words, was it time to have some fun, to leave the past well and truly behind? Maybe it was, the people of this island are friendly and welcoming, why not take part in a wider world. He wrapped his belt around his tunic and set off for town. 


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