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Up on the roof Modan noticed that more men were headed this way, as he looked into the darkness he seen light, the light moved fast. Flaming arrows hit the straw roof, Modan jumped from the roof and with the agility of a gymnast slid back into the building through his window. He was met with a scene that chilled him to the bone, Valartis was pleading with a panicked killer. The killer was holding Modans adopted father.


“If you hurt him I promise I will make you pay a thousand times over! Let him go or I will tear you to tiny pieces.” Modan spoke and the killer appeared to buckle under the weight of the situation, it only lasted a moment.


“Nothing compares to what Lord Creatus will do to me. My life for the death god!” Screamed the assassin and with one smooth movement he slit Falmers throat.


A rage the likes of which had never been seen by anyone present consumed Modan, in an instant he cast his sword aside and lunged upon the assassin. The assassin managed a single wave of his blade which cut Modans chest but not deep enough, Modan was upon him and with both fists unleashed all of the beatings humanity had ever known in a single savage flurry of tears, rage and vengeance. Terrified for his own life and not knowing if Modan would recognise friend or foe Bradonius attempted to leave the ramshackle building but was met by Valartis.


“Stay here coward, you will die out there I can see many more men approach and they will simply shoot you down.” Valartis was wise.


Valartis then went to the back window and looked towards the barn, it was empty, the trio had bought the women and children enough time to flee. He was proud.


The beating ended with Modan collapsed on top of the unconscious and quite possibly dead assassin.


“HOW MANY MORE? I WILL SLAY THEM ALL!” Modan was ready to die, a strange fire filled his eyes.


“Too many, there may be thirty to forty men out there, archers too. The roof is on fire and there is but one thing we can do.” Valartis spoke.




“WAIT! Erm look guys that fellow seemed really nice and er, I like you guys as well but we don’t have to die here do we? Maybe we could run, yes run and live to fight another day!” Bradonius declared not much liking the odds.


“Neither! We surrender.” Valartis looked stern as he mopped the sweat from his brow.


“NEVER! I WILL NEVER SURRENDER, THEY TOOK MY FATHER THEY TOOK MY LIFE!” Modan was broken and tears streamed down his face.


“No Modan, Bradonius has half a cup of wisdom in his head. If we surrender we live. If we live we have the opportunity to see who is doing this and why, once we know that we have the opportunity for REVENGE!” Valartis last word stirred inside Modans chest.




The trio cast aside their weapons and Valartis picked up the wounded assassin and threw him from the building first.


“We will spare you evil doer. Maybe you will think more of us than your suicidal friend thought of this Creatus!” Valartis whispered in his ear.


They heard the outsiders help up their fallen comrade. The trio then stepped outside where they were met by the dark clad enemy, archers, spearmen and swords men.


Boagrion rode up on his mighty bull.


“Tie them up and take them to the ships. They are clearly strong and they will row well!” Boagrion had issued his orders.


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