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Scene 5


“You know the rules Bradonius, this one is to the death. Bradonius can you hear me?” Crixon was there to advise his gladiator. “Bradonius? Can you hear me?”


Bradonius had turned a funny grey colour and his lip was quivering like a child about to cry. The opposite could be said of the red faced, snarling, vicious, battle scarred lunatic that was waiting for him in the pit.


“Bradonius come on all you have to do is use the net to trip him and then put him to sleep with your trident. It’s going to be easy for you my friend; you are half this ugly oafs age and twice as strong!”


No answer.


The cage doors opened and Bradonius stepped into the pit. Pugula was already there and armed with his trident and net. A nod to the crowd and nod to each other then silence.


“BEGIN” Bellowed the well rounded and well groomed pit master.


Pugula let out an unholy cry that made Bradonius weak at the knees. As Puglua moved forward with blinding speed, Bradonius moved backwards even faster. A man in the crowd laughed and commented that if Bradonius could move that fast backwards how fast could he move forwards if he was running to a woman?


With an audible swish Pugulas trident cut through the air. A perfect thrust aimed for the face of Bradonius. With a twisting of the body bradonius moved out of harms way. Thrust after thrust was hammered home yet where the target should have been there was none. Bradonius was fast, maybe the fastest anyone had ever seen. However he was also a coward, was it fear or skill that was saving his handsome hide? Frustrated Pugula lashed out once more but this time struck gold, a gash opened on Bradonius’ arm. Filled now not just with fear but a degree of pain and rage Bradonius flicked his net at Pugulas feet. Success he tripped Pugula and bought himself a few precious moments, too long he waited, Pugula rose again and charged, with this Bradonius once more twisted from harms way and used his net to trip Pugula once more. With all of his strength Bradonius attempted to drive his trident into Pugula and end the fight now, however all the trident met was soil, Pugula was fast too!


Pugula rose again this time he decided to use his experience and not to rush in for the quick kill. He circled Bradonius like a wolf hunting his weakened prey. Bradonius panicked and threw his net at Pugula in an attempt to incapacitate him, Pugula dodged with ease. Netless and scared for his very life Bradonius grasped his trident with both hands and charged at Puglua with desperation in his eyes. The experienced gladiator threw the young pretty whelp aside and gave him a solid back hander which split his lip and knocked him to the ground. As he fell Bradonius lost his grip on his trident.


Bereft of weapons and with the crowd jeering and laughing Bradonius lamented his cowards death. If only he wasn’t so handsome he thought to himself, if only he didn’t possess such a beauty that women would throw themselves at him and get him into this trouble. His thoughts were interrupted by Pugulas boot coming down into his groin. Agony, pure agony Bradonius tried to scramble for his trident but Pugulas net entwined round his legs, it was time, time to be dragged along the floor of a dirty pit to be killed by a hideous savage.


“NOT THIS TIME, NOT TODAY!” Screamed Bradonius some of his tone was rage more was fear.


“YES PRETTY BOY TODAY!” Pugula let go of his net and with both hands rained down upon bradonius with is trident.


Avoidance. Bradonius felt the trident slash at his ear as me managed to roll aside. Pugula had used too much force and unbalanced himself, with a kick Bradonius smashed his knee with such force he tore the ligaments from the bone. Pugula was down but not out. The crowd started to go insane the volume of the roars could be heard by Falmer himself miles away. Puglua rolled too and grabbed Bradonius around the chest using the shaft of his trident, he was going to crush the air from this pretty boys lungs, a slow death a well deserved death. Bradonius could feel the air escaping his lungs he knew from his training that he would be unconscious and dead within the next minute, fear gripped him harder than Pugulas mighty arms and with the subsequent surge of self preservation that came over him he used all of his strength to pry the trident first away from his chest and then out of Pugulas grasp.


Bradonius stood and could see that he had all but ruined Pugulas leg. Confidence now filled Bradonius he flicked his golden hair back and turned to the crowd and thrust his arms in the air and then with added drama he spun and struck the now hapless Pugula in the dead centre of his chest.  Puguals eyes rolled back in his head, his face twisted and contorted with pain and shock, and then his soul slipped down to cold dark Hades for the rest of eternity.  

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