5 Reason to Buy a Small, Cheap Torch.

One of your most important pieces of equipment whilst on an adventure in the wild is your torch, you will need it to find your way off a mountain in the dark, find the opening to your tent in the middle of the night and you will definitely need it to play your favourite RPG. But with so many on the market, which one should you go for?

Well here at Ding-IRL we have got some simple rules – SMALL, CHEAP, LED and here are 5 reasons why.

1) Cheap – You can find these types of torches easily enough online and in hardware/DIY shops. Both these torches were under £3, and for something that can get lost or damaged pretty easily whilst out and about, cheap is good!

A small but powerful torch!

2) Small – The thing about torches is that no matter how prepared you are, you probably won’t get your torch out until you need it, ie it gets dark. The problem with that is that when it gets dark it gets hard to find things, so if your torch is buried at the bottom of your bag under all your food, water, fleece, RPG books etc, it is gonna be a pain trying to dig it out in the dark. However, a small torch like the ones above fit in the pocket no problem and are ready to be brought out and used the second the sun goes down!

3) Batteries – Small means less batteries and smaller batteries. Again, the ones above both use 3 AA batteries each, which are cheap to replace, sold in most shops and don’t take up much room when packing spares.

4) Bright – LEDs tend to be a lot brighter than their bulb counterparts and last a whole lot longer. These torches won’t replace stadium floodlights but they will help locate your tent in the pitch blackness, or find that rouge D20 that bounced off the table.

5) Everyone can have one – Because they are cheap and because they are small, everyone in your group can have one, meaning and end to fumbling and bickering over “who had the torch last”. Make sure everyone has one of these on them when you leave so that they are close to hand when needed.